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Loan rate

The interest rates and expenses of corporate bonds vary greatly between different corporate bonds.

The rate depends primarily on the loan provider, as the differences in the actual annual rates offered by firms can be as much as threefold! Comparison of interest rates on corporate loans is hampered by the fact that loans and interest rates are often not comparable, so they are defined in different ways.

Accelerating growth

Corporate credit is a complementary financing solution for our customers' shorter additional financing needs. For example, corporate credit can be used to make investments or to balance seasonal fluctuations.

We provide a variety of corporate loans according to customer needs and we tailor just the right credit for your businessfor example, for machinery or equipment.

Please contact our sales team here to sort out the situation together and select the appropriate financial service for your business. Corporate credit is a secured credit for our existing customers, which is required at least by the omnipotent name given by the main owner and / or the main shareholders.

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