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Privacy Policy

Respect for privacy

We and our subsidiaries recognize and respect the user's expectations of privacy in their services. Any information that the user gives us will remain confidential.

Why we collect, store and use customer information

We collect, maintain, and use customer information about customer service, customer relationship management (customer identification and identification, compliance with customer agreements, contact, direct marketing), risk management and reporting to competent authorities.

With this information we learn to better understand consumer needs. Based on the information we have received, we provide consumers with interesting products and services for her use. Information is also used to find solutions in problem situations and to provide and develop services. We are always ready to find out how to behave at the user's request.

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Staff have limited access to customer information Access to customer information is limited to those employees who have the need to access the information related to the job. We educate our staff to understand the importance of trust and customer privacy. We also have the accepted principles to classify information. We thus safeguard the confidentiality and storage of information.

High security requirements to protect customer data We use approved security rules and methods to prevent access to our customers' information from third parties who are not entitled to this. These methods include, for example, access control systems, firewalls, network security, fire security locks, and secure disposal of unnecessary data and documents.


Personal data relating to customers shall be disclosed only in the context of a regulated bank and investment firm's corporate secrecy or with the consent of the data subject. Information can be disclosed to companies within the same group for customer service, customer relationship management, marketing, and risk management. Information is disclosed to authorities that have a statutory right to information without prejudice to confidentiality provisions. This information can be provided by the Finnish authorities to the authorities of other countries, eg to tax authorities, according to Finnish laws in force at any given time. Information may also be disclosed to financial and insurance affiliates, for use in their customer service.

We will only disclose information from our customer if:

Customer has authorized us to provide this information The secrecy of a bank, a management company or an investment firm shall not preclude disclosure or, as the law requires, the competent authority to request information.

Protecting your privacy in business with third parties It is necessary to provide information about the customer to certain suppliers and service companies from whom we purchase services. For example, when ordering a payment card, we will provide the card issuer with the necessary information. We demand from these vendors and service companies the confidentiality and compliance with the law. We do not allow third parties to sell or use information for their own purposes.

Network Services

When a customer uses our online services, we follow the same rules of trust and privacy as he is doing at our branch office. Read more about security and Akti's Terms of Service. For cookies used in our online services, please see below


A cookie is a small text file that a web browser stores on a user's device. Cookies are used, for example, when you want to retain your information when moving from one side of the Internet to another. We use cookies to analyze and develop our services. With cookies we can important information about our service usage patterns, most popular pages, download times, and possible error situations. We need this information so that we can improve the content and usability of our online services, monitor advertising performance, and provide information and services that meet customer needs. We may use anonymous data collected from the use of online services to provide browser-targeted content or advertising. We do not collect any information that allows individual user authentication, but we identify and identify browsers as well as identify the organization that the user's Internet address represents.

Collecting personal information

We gather information from different parties to understand and meet the needs of users and to meet the customer-specific requirements of the law. For personal information about our customers, we collect, for example, the customer's own or his representatives, the Population Register Center and other registers maintained by the authorities, customer error and credit information records, companies within the same group, and financial and insurance affiliates within the limits permitted by law. We can also collect information from other trusted sources such as business registers containing corporate information and business owners. We endeavor to keep the information of our customers up-to-date, but if, despite everything, our customer finds mistakes in their information, for example in the statement, we ask the customer to report an incorrect entry.

The right to check their information and deny marketing The customer has the opportunity to check the information about himself that has been stored in our customer records by making a written request to the registrar. The customer has the right, by means of a notice to the controller, to prohibit the use of his or her personal information for direct marketing, distance selling and market or opinion surveys. The registry administrator immediately rectifies the information found in the registry as incorrect or obsolete. Due to confidentiality regulations, we can not respond to requests for verification by email via an open Internet.

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